Appetizers: Served all day, some appetizers are served with your choice of pita: regular or  whole wheat

Sandwiches available during lunch only 11:00 am to 4:00 pm
Take out sandwiches available all day
All sandwiches served in small (5 inch) or large (8 inch) pitas, with romaine lettuce & tomato.
Most sandwiches served with tahini sauce.
Hot sauce, crushed shatta peppers, or our homemade spicy dressing optional
Add french fries order or cup of soup
For 1.00 (dine in only)

Dinners are served all day with your choice of pita: reg. Or whole wheat
Dinners: served with a startup of hummus, tabouleh, and baba ghanoug, the main course served on seasoned middle eastern rice or brown rice or grilled vegetables tomato onion & bell pepper, topped with tahini sauce.
Platter: served on a bed of rice or with french fries, or grilled tomato, onion & bell pepper and a choice of: hummus or tabouleh or babaghanoug